Blog Entry 4

Cinderella has been my favorite fairy tale since I was little. I never read the Brothers Grimm version, but I loved Disney’s adaption. I love the use of magic, the talking animals, and the beautiful ball gown. My favorite character was the fairy godmother. She made me believe that in the darkest of times, someone was to be there for me and help me get through it. To this day, I love the message that Cinderella sends and its rags to riches tale of a young woman rising and prevailing to a better life.

Cinderella is a “rise tale”, which features the motif of “rags to riches through magic and marriage”. According to Jack Zipes, the fairy tale of Cinderella by the Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault are not rags to riches tales. He believes that is based upon the motif of the triumph of the underdog. I do believe that the underdog can overcome odds stacked against them and triumph with determination and belief. Based on my analysis and my own reflection of the fairy tale, I believe that Cinderella contains both of these motifs. I think that they both go hand in hand.

The motif that is portrayed in Cinderella is complex and interesting. It shows that people who are put in difficult and challenging situations can achieve success through magic and marriage. It’s a great message but isn’t realistic. Cinderella transformed from a servant maiden into a princess in just a few days. For me, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Of course this is a fairy tale and it makes perfect sense, but is it completely true in real life? Sure, when you get married your status can change and you can gain wealth and success but not necessarily complete happiness. There are people who have married into wealth just to become successful and powerful but not because of love. It depends on the person’s definition of success to determine if they have truly overcome their odds and transformed from “rags to riches”. They certainly can’t reach success from magic because that only occurs in fairy tales.


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