Blog Entry 1


Never, in a million years, did I think that I would have the opportunity to take a class focused on one of my favorite things as a child-fairy tales. As a child, I spent countless hours watching Disney movies and reading fairy tales. I memorized each story, dressed like princesses for Halloween, and dreamed that one day my prince would come.

When I came across the course Grimm to Disney for an FYS, I knew right away that this was the class I wanted to take. Growing up, I have always loved listening to and reading fairy tales. I loved the concept of a happily ever after and the lessons that each story taught. I’m taking this class because I think that it will be fun to look at the fairy tales I have known all my life and look at them from a whole new perspective. I’m interested to see what I can learn from each tale as an adult.


Through this seminar, I hope to learn more about fairytales and the history about how they came about. I’ve only known Walt Disney’s rendition of the fairy tales and I’m excited to read the Brothers Grimm tales. I’m interested in exploring the different fairy tales to analyze and compare the different interpretations in regards to their structure, function, symbolism, motifs, metaphors, and psychoanalytic and feminist approaches.


My favorite fairytale is Cinderella. It has always been one of my favorites growing up. As a child, I loved Cinderella because she has blonde hair just like me. I love the animation and the talking animals. I also love the story and the meaning behind it. Cinderella taught me that I can have my own happily ever after even if life throws me obstacles and things don’t go as planned. My favorite motif is the triumphant underdog. The movie taught me to never stop believing in myself and to always dream big. I strongly believe in what the fairytale Cinderella teaches. I have and will continue to cherish its message throughout my life.